How Do We Explain Academic Writing? (Part 2/2)

This presentation excerpt shows the graphic that I use along with the “What’s the BIG IDEA?” article to put all the academic genres into the context of academic discourse. The graphic helps students understand how it all fits together. It’s not perfect, but, where it’s not, I get a chance to explain later in the course. This is something I’ve been using for my classes for a while now and it seems to help.
You can hover over the graphic to pause it.
The representation of academic discourse is my own graphic interpretation, but the little professor is a modification of an image from Free Clipart Pictures. I’m not sure where the confused student is from, and I’ve been looking for permission to keep using him. If he’s yours, please get in touch.
If you use any of these ideas or have others you created to help your students understand academic writing, I’d love to hear about them.

Dee Broughton

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