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In the first post introducing my 7Sentences template, you’ll find a written explanation of the seven sentences.


Here I’m providing some links that will be helpful to workshops for teachers in the use of the template. First you’ll find a demo. You can watch and listen to a sample story I made to illustrate the sentences.
You can play it for your students as is, or, if you’d prefer to make a story of your own to demonstrate the activity, you can download a template I made in PowerPoint to guide you through the 7Sentences activity.
Would you like to download the template for your students?
Share this page with other teachers to reveal the download.
One of the goals of this workshop is to introduce students to the use of Creative Commons images on Flickr, helping them to develop the skills to properly credit work they find and use on the internet. Work from the Attribution license category is easiest to use. Be sure to add a proper attribution that includes the license, title, photographer, and link to the original: CC By 2.0 image, “Computer Monkeys,” thanks to Flickr user, Chris Lott,
Template for October 13, 2012 with “get started” photos: Download here.
Other helpful links for my workshops:

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Individual Get Started photos with credit phrases:

Photo is modified CC By 2.0 image, “A Woman’s Worth,” by Flickr user, Dilip Muralidaran,

Photo is modified CC By 2.0 image, “Less Mystery Bottle,” by Flickr user, Ross Berteig,

Photo is modified CC By 2.0 image, “mysterious woman,” by Flickr user, spaceodissey,

Photo is modified CC By 2.0 image, “Salt Lake skyline August 2011,” by Flickr user, CountyLemonade,

Photo is modified CC By 2.0 image, “Fragile,” by Flickr user, Neal Fowler, AT N06/3380817394

Post-Workshop Sample:
One of our participating groups of teachers used the Get Started exercise to produce this cute little story. The task was to use the 5 photos given in the template in a story and to add at least two properly attributed Creative Commons images to complete the 7sentence structure. We had some great variations that really illustrated the versatility of this fun exercise. Credits for photos can be seen by hovering over the comment icon in the upper left corner.
Materials here are copyrighted and are only intended for educational use. If you find an interesting way to use them, please let me know. If you’d like to schedule a writing workshop based on these ideas, get in touch.

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