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New Textbook for Gujarat – 8th Std – 2nd Semester

The 8th Std Gujarat State Board book best described by its working title, “Writing about Writing.” Read on

Bridges in Action – MEET Video #4

This final video in the MEET series shows the same students receiving a traditional lesson followed by several lessons using … Read on

New Textbook for Gujarat – 6th Std – 2nd Semester

Early in the year, I wrote about having to cut much of the content from a new textbook I’d written … Read on

Bridges in Action – MEET Video #3

The first MEET video was an introduction to the MEET program techniques and to the materials that became Bridges. As … Read on

Bridges in Action – MEET Video #2

Back in May, I wrote about the connection between Bridges and the MEET project. Essentially, the MEET (Mobile Education for … Read on

Bridges and Collaborative Learning

While I was working on Bridges, it became clear that the classroom conditions were such that teachers and students would … Read on

Integrating MAELT Courses with a Scaffolded Research Project

This semester at H.M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research, the ELT faculty is working to integrate classes so … Read on

Bridges and Critical Thinking

In India, employers, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), NCF (National Curriculum Framework), many tertiary institutions and schools, and the … Read on

About Bridges

Bridges will be distributed free of charge to teachers and students who sign up on the website. The book is designed to support teachers as they help students bridge the gap between understanding English and producing it. Read on

Mobile Education for English Teachers – MEET #1

MEET – Mobile Education for English Teachers is a federally funded grant project to provide teacher training materials via MicroSDs … Read on

Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Teaching Modals II

This is a revised and shortened version of an earlier post. I recently wrote a textbook for the state of … Read on

New Textbook for Gujarat Schools

In the fall of last year, during my first year as an English Language Fellow, I was asked to consult … Read on

Using Themes & E-Content

I’ve written a lot of activities lately for primary level. In my work with the Gujarat State Board of School … Read on

Testing Activity Designs

In the last post on materials design, I introduced a new textbook pattern that aims to provide teachers who may … Read on

New Pattern for Textbooks

One of my favorite projects in Gujarat has been consulting with teachers of English-medium primary schools in the design and … Read on

Like Riding a Bicycle

We all know that much traditional teaching has been very teacher-centered. In India, students of the past have been taught … Read on

Putting Learning Objectives in Perspective

We all want to believe that our students are learning something when we teach. When some beginning teachers write learning … Read on

Creative Writing for Teachers

In the first post introducing my 7Sentences template, you’ll find a written explanation of the seven sentences.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Teaching Modals

I don’t do a lot of posts on grammar teaching, mostly because I don’t do a lot of grammar teaching. … Read on

The Seven Sentence Story – Creative Writing for Everyone

Creative writing can inspire new vocabulary production and enjoyable language practice for learners of all ages and levels. I’ve used … Read on

Recognizing Questions that Don’t Get Answers

I’ve already written about the need for teaching critical thinking along with English language proficiency. I’ve done a good many … Read on

Lesson Planning For Pre-Service Teachers

Pre-service teachers hear a lot of terms for describing lesson planning. They might be told to divide lesson plans by … Read on

Developing Proficiency with Literature-Based Writing Tasks

One of the issues I’m learning about in India is that some employers feel there is a gap between the … Read on

Stimulating Vocabulary with Film

If you learned a secondary language after childhood, you may remember learning new words every day… at first. But, if, … Read on

Crosswords for Information Gaps and Scalability

I first started creating my own crossword puzzles for students when I noticed one day that my class of beginning … Read on

Adding Third Person When There Isn’t a Third Person

One of the best students I ever had was Rosie… not her real name… because she’s not a real person… … Read on

Using Readers Theater for Pronunciation

In 2008, I taught low level speaking and pronunciation classes to a wonderful group of Korean military men. They were … Read on

Using Kazoos to Teach Suprasegmentals

Although I’m a huge proponent of Jenkin’s Lingua Franca Core ideas and a view of English as a World English … Read on

Building Research into Assignments Early

I subscribe to the academic-writing-as-academic-discourse model. It just makes sense to me that academia exists, contrary to what most students … Read on