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Bridges and Critical Thinking

In India, employers, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), NCF (National Curriculum Framework), many tertiary institutions and schools, and the … Read on

Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Teaching Modals II

This is a revised and shortened version of an earlier post. I recently wrote a textbook for the state of … Read on

Lesson Planning For Pre-Service Teachers

Pre-service teachers hear a lot of terms for describing lesson planning. They might be told to divide lesson plans by … Read on

Gujarati Script – Mastering the Curlicues

As I said in the last post on learning Gujarati, I’ve been trying to learn the script because I need … Read on

Gujarati – Working with a True Beginner

It’s Gujarat Day and I had a chance to spend some time learning the language. I can’t say I’ve made … Read on

Am I Confusing or Confused?

English language learners are often confused about whether to use the present or the past participle. Here are some ways … Read on

Adding Third Person When There Isn’t a Third Person

One of the best students I ever had was Rosie… not her real name… because she’s not a real person… … Read on

Using Readers Theater for Pronunciation

In 2008, I taught low level speaking and pronunciation classes to a wonderful group of Korean military men. They were … Read on

Using Kazoos to Teach Suprasegmentals

Although I’m a huge proponent of Jenkin’s Lingua Franca Core ideas and a view of English as a World English … Read on

Using the IPA with True Beginners

Teachers sometimes wonder if students can benefit from using the IPA when learning a new language. Some think it’s too … Read on

Pronunciation & Lingua Franca Core

When I teach conversation, speaking, or pronunciation, I’m guided by the standard of “comfortable intelligibility.” So much teaching in the … Read on