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New Textbook for Gujarat – 8th Std – 2nd Semester

The 8th Std Gujarat State Board book best described by its working title, “Writing about Writing.” Read on

Integrating MAELT Courses with a Scaffolded Research Project

This semester at H.M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research, the ELT faculty is working to integrate classes so … Read on

Sardar Patel University: Writing for Research Scholars

Last year, we piloted the first Writing for Research Scholars course at H. M. Patel Institute of English Training & … Read on

Academic Genres through Web Tools – Part 2

In the first post on this topic, we introduced the students to wikis to promote the idea of neutral, collaborative … Read on

Understanding Academic Genres through Web Tools

Students experience the difference between two key academic genres by using the appropriate web tools for each. Read on

Creative Writing for Teachers

In the first post introducing my 7Sentences template, you’ll find a written explanation of the seven sentences.

Importance of Research

In an earlier post, I wrote about how important it is to incorporate research into student assignments. Here’s an excerpt … Read on

A New Writing Course Takes Flight

Today we launched the first session of Writing for Research Scholars at H. M. Patel Institute of English Training & … Read on

The Seven Sentence Story – Creative Writing for Everyone

Creative writing can inspire new vocabulary production and enjoyable language practice for learners of all ages and levels. I’ve used … Read on

Putting Genres in Context: Audio Presentation

The audio presentation here is one that I’ve been asked to do a number of times. The first part is … Read on

Recognizing Questions that Don’t Get Answers

I’ve already written about the need for teaching critical thinking along with English language proficiency. I’ve done a good many … Read on

Lesson Planning For Pre-Service Teachers

Pre-service teachers hear a lot of terms for describing lesson planning. They might be told to divide lesson plans by … Read on

Stimulating Critical Thinking Through Writing

I presented a full-day workshop at the American Center in Delhi for secondary teachers today. (For westerners, that’s “sorta like … Read on

Teaching Citation: APA Titles

In part 4 of the Teaching Citation posts, we discussed one of the aspects of APA that students find most … Read on

Developing Proficiency with Literature-Based Writing Tasks

One of the issues I’m learning about in India is that some employers feel there is a gap between the … Read on

Who is the Gatekeeper?

It’s said that communication in English is a gatekeeper skill. Certainly academic writing in English is. But who, exactly, the … Read on

School Visit & Ahmedabad

On my way to a conference, I need to fly from Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat. It’s home to … Read on

Stimulating Vocabulary with Film

If you learned a secondary language after childhood, you may remember learning new words every day… at first. But, if, … Read on

On Error and Importance of Structure

This audio is from a lecture I’ve recorded for the online class I announced earlier, Research Writing for International Students. … Read on

Am I Confusing or Confused?

English language learners are often confused about whether to use the present or the past participle. Here are some ways … Read on

Crosswords for Information Gaps and Scalability

I first started creating my own crossword puzzles for students when I noticed one day that my class of beginning … Read on

Teaching Signal Phrases (2/2)

In another post, I mention that it’s a good idea to help students notice signal phrases in authentic sources. Of … Read on

Teaching Signal Phrases (1/2)

In the third post on teaching citation, I mention signal phrases. Signal phrases don’t usually pose many problems for native-speakers, … Read on

Teaching Citation (Part 4/4)

In part 1, we talked about the principles of citation, in part 2, the differences in manuscript styles between APA … Read on

Teaching Citation (Part 3/4)

In part 1 we talked about the principles of citation, and in part 2, the differences in manuscript styles between … Read on

Teaching Citation (Part 2/4)

As promised in the first part of this series, this is the second part of my presentation that introduces the … Read on

Teaching Citation (Part 1/4)

This presentation excerpt is for teachers, but it shows the first part of the PowerPoint I use on the day … Read on

How Do We Explain Academic Writing?

Students are often confused by the terms for academic writing that professors assume they’ll understand. Even my graduate students don’t … Read on

Why Should We Care about Academic Writing?

English 102 at the University of Idaho is very much like required composition courses all over the U.S. These ubiquitous … Read on

Building Research into Assignments Early

I subscribe to the academic-writing-as-academic-discourse model. It just makes sense to me that academia exists, contrary to what most students … Read on

Advanced Writing Course Online

This spring, the Department of English at my home university, the University of Idaho will bring back my English 404-02 … Read on

Available Presentations and Workshops

Today I prettied up and posted the document showing my available workshops and presentations. Among others, there are presentations on … Read on

All-Purpose Structure – Key to Joining the Academic Conversation

In spring of 2008, I was teaching a writing class for the intensive English program at University of Idaho. This … Read on